NaByte is a free service where you can upload up to 50MB files anonymously. No logs are kept and no account is needed. All that is stored is browser cookies for the "Recent Files" option on the user's browser. The cookie used is called 'rez' and links with NaByte to pull a historic record of uploaded content. The historic "content" does not contan logs and or other type of identifiable information. The "rez" cookie is strictly used for upload history per generated MD5 32 character "KEY". This only contains URL's generated per the user (AKA "Historic Key"). We cannot determine what each user uploads as absolutely nothing is saved on the server itself, log wise. The only thing we can see is the name of the file after upload. This is only for reports and or take down requests. The site is simple. Simply upload and then give the link away to someone.

Terms of Service

Distribution of viruses, Trojans, compromised material and/or illegal material through NaByte is strictly prohibited. Always check local laws before submitting content. NaByte cannot guarantee the full availability of the service, we do our best to keep the service as reliable as possible. NaByte is not responsible for any lost income due to downtime and/or data loss. NaByte reserves the right to delete or permanently ban any files hosted. This user agreement is subject to change at any time. Please review this agreement before deciding to use the service. By technically accessing/using the Service, you must agree to this Agreement.

Need more anonymity? Try the onion URL: http://jalbzf74ycabyxq4.onion/